The Inheritance (1)

The Inheritance
Publication Date: September 1, 2017 (PDF format only)
Warning: Contains several sexually explicit scenes

A novel based in Texas and Pennsylvania written in 1987 by
Roselyn Grossholz, the author of Country Store Collectibles Price Guide and Collectible Classics from Commerce.

I inherited my mother's unpublished novel. This itself is astonishing since I hadn't seen my mother in 30 years (her decision) before she died, and I didn't know where she was. I found her obituary online 6 months after her death in Dallas Texas. In reading it and her copies of query letters to publishers, I discovered some startling secrets about my mother and my father who are now both deceased.
While most of it is G-rated (general audiences) there are also some very sexually explicit scenes. Many of her characters are based on real people, most of whom are gone now.

Some of the questions I found answers to: How did my mother come to Erie Pennsylvania of all places? What was my mother's real name? What led to my parents divorcing when I was 3 years old? What was my mother like before she married my father? How did she feel about me as her daughter? What real people did she model her characters after? Where was my mother for 30 years?

I've already paid to have the manuscript digitized (331 typewritten pages). My thought was to re-title it, proofread it – the typist I hired made additional mistakes to the original manuscript – add in the revelations behind her writing (as asides to the reader), have a simple cover graphic designed, and publish it as a PDF file. (Printing it is too big a financial risk for me.)

I've retitled it
The inheritance. An inheritance figures in the story and the manuscript is my inheritance.

Here's the crazy part. I'd like to sell it for $1 a copy by check. Why a check? Because if I use an online payment system like PayPal, the transaction fee of $.33 will reduce the income by a third. And besides, I'd really like to see some mail in my empty mailbox. But I will also accept $1.99 by PayPal.

I'd love to receive at least 1,000 orders of The Inheritance (new title). What do you think? How many copies would you like to pre-order?

Story Overview, in the author's own words:
The main characters are Lizbeth Thompson, blonde, petite, and beautiful, raised in Pennsylvania by an affluent grandmother and family; and Loren Hogan, dark and handsome, son of the Louisiana Hogans, raised by Jim Whitedeer, a full-blooded Cherokee Indian in Oklahoma.

Other characters are the parents of each and an uncle of Loren's, Sep Hogan, manipulator and rich Texas rancher. Three generations of Hogans and Blakely-Thompsons are involved in the story.

The meeting of these two people from different backgrounds takes place in the Big Bend, a place of mystery and legend on the Mexican border. From there they begin their life together.

Lizbeth inherits a fortune from an uncle, Richard Blakely, entrepreneur-financier, and also his partner, a little Asian woman named Nua.

Loren eventually inherits the Hogan ranch, a thirty-five thousand acre spread through the efforts of a great aunt.

Included in the story is the account of Lizbeth's kidnapping; Mandy White, Sep's mistress; Arlen, her son; Richard Blakely, Lizbeth's uncle; Loren's effort to save the ranch; and a study of each of the colorful characters.

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"This was the manuscript I inherited, in triplicate."

Upon publication of the full 330 pages of the novel, the author's daughter, Andrea Reynolds, will be available to speak to audiences about some of her mother's dramatic secrets she uncovered in the pages of the book's manuscript she inherited: "Secrets of The Inheritance."

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