My EBOOK titles that are $20 or less


No More Empty Relationships: A Handbook for Single Adults Who Want to Break the Pattern of Going Nowhere Relationships, the manual from Andrea's original seminar. $19.95

The $30,000 an Hour Speaker: A collection of 16 articles for speakers. $19.95

Sell Your Advice and Knowledge: 250 Smart Ideas for Consultants and Specialists. $19.95

Successful Consulting: How to Make the Switch from Employee to Independent Consultant. $19.95

Make $1000 to $5000 by Writing Articles for Magazines: the notes from Andrea's seminars for writers. If you're a professional writer why would you work for free? $19.95


Self-Syndicate Your Column to Newspapers: the manual from Andrea's seminars for writers + critique of your written Column Proposal Package + critique of your written syndication contract. $19.95

Publish Your Own Profitable, Paid Subscription Newsletter: the manual from Andrea's seminars for writers. Why are you publishing your newsletter for free? $19.95

12 Contrarian Principles for Boosting Your Expertise to Leading Authority Status. $19.95


Let's Do Something Besides Dinner and a Movie Creative Date and Activity Ideas for Singles, Couples and Groups of Friends. $14.95

Let's Book This One: 77 Secrets for Writing Unforgettable Press Releases that Excite Editors and Producers: the notes from Andrea's seminars for authors. $14.95

Start Your Own
Personal Services Business for extra income. $14.95


25 Unconventional Ways to Raise the Funds You Need to Build Your Advice Empire or fund a creative project... without credit cards or selling a kidney. Receive this free with the Angel Attraction Kit or purchase it separately. $9.95
Sell Your Mobile Home in 60 Days by yourself and save $500 to $6,000 in agent fees. (How Andrea found a buyer in 6 days using her own tips.) $9.95

Purchase Agreement TEMPLATES: When you're selling your mobile home you'll need to put it all in writing. And having these signed documents will help you secure the financing you need. $9.95

33 Amenities That Speakers Deserve. $9.95

Romantic & Playful Toronto: 750 Things to Do in Toronto. $9.95

Jump-Start Your Creative Genius to Generate Ideas Answers, Solutions: Andrea's presentations to executive level management. $9.95

Stand Up! Stand Up to Bullies! How you can assertively address others' bullying, critical, manipulative and controlling behavior. Andrea Reynolds' hospital seminar manual. $9.95

OutSmarting Sweetheart Swindlers: Protect Your Heart and Financial Assets from a Romantic Con Artist. $9.95

UNDER $5.00

No Surprises: 365 Critical Questions You Need to Ask Each Other Before You Marry... and How to Ask Them. 2 ebooks for $4.95

The Bed and Breakfast Guest Etiquette Quiz. $3.95

104 Surefire Places Where Singles Can Meet Other Single Adults, an excerpt from Andrea's book, Let's Do Something... Besides Dinner and a Movie. $3.95

Turn the Holiday Blues into Holiday Magic: 44 Creative Ideas and Activities to Make the Holidays Cheerier. $2.95

Cheap Thrills: 70 Low-Cost and No Cost Romantic Things to Do for St. Valentine's Day or any day. $2.95

Andrea's 3 most requested recipes: Sauerkraut Balls, Black Olive Appetizers, and Andrea's prize winning, Curried Avocado Soup. $2.95

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