The Speaker's Promotion Kit:
Materials You Need to Make Money as a Paid Speaker

A collection of samples from Andrea Reynolds

Digital version: $49.00; Print Edition: $79.00 includes mailing to US/Canada

You may also want to have the companion report, Secrets for Setting and Quoting Your Speaking Fees. 

Independent consultants, experts, and specialists get paid to conduct seminars, workshops, classes and lectures to social, business, trade, and professional organizations. The Speaker's Promotion Kit contains actual samples of promotional materials which Andrea has used to generate speaker fees of thousands per hour and more. Tips for negotiating and confirming speaking engagements, becoming a master speaker, and increasing your professionalism as a speaker.

Andrea Reynolds retired from promoting and consulting to experts through her consulting firm, Andrea Reynolds International and represented speakers through her former agency Experts Who Speak. She has been a professional speaker in Canada and the US for many years, earning several thousand dollars per presentation. In this Speaker's Promotional Kit you will see the exact materials she used to generate paid speaking invitations and which you will need to produce for your own speaker's kit.

Originally in binder format, now in digital format, you will also receive tips for negotiating and confirming speaking engagements, becoming a master speaker, increasing your professionalism, and having more control over the engagement negotiation process.


1. Andrea's Advice:

  • 13 Tips for Getting Paid to Speak.   Turn those requests for free speeches into paying ones
  • 16 Ways To Increase Your Speaker Professionalism.  Elevate yourself far above the novices
  • 26 Tips for Hiring Guest Speakers.   Gives you terms to include in your written agreement
  • 12 Steps to Becoming an Outstanding Speaker.  How the pros do it
  • 15 Types of Audiences to Approach.   Consider all your options

2. Promotional Samples from Andrea's Speaker's Kit:
  • Cover Letter    First, get their attention
  • Presentation Topics Sheet   Offer your expertise
  • Speaker's Credentials   Give just the facts
  • Past Audience list   Show your speaking experience
  • Testimonial Sheet   Show they loved you
  • Speaker's Biography   Tell what makes you the expert
  • Client Checklist  Be ready when they call
  • Speaker's Policy   Set limits to what you'll do
  • Bonus: EWS Policy + Methods  Be your own speaker's agent
  • Letter of Agreement  Make it simple and easy
  • Promotional Photos  Give them a face with the name
  • Press Reprints   Confirm your prestige
  • Speaker's Introduction   Hand to your introducer
  • Sample Workshop Brochure  Include info like this in yours
  • Letter of Reference   Show you can teach too
  • Audience Evaluation Handout    Get more testimonials

Package contains examples + tips in print or digital format.
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Or mail a check payable to Andrea Reynolds, 3518 Post Avenue, Erie PA 16508.

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