Submission Guidelines


Please contact Andrea first by email with a query letter that includes a brief description of your book and your bio. (If you don't know how to write a query letter, there is a huge Internet out there for you to search.)

If we are interested in your book idea we will ask you for a complete proposal and sample chapters or the entire manuscript.

We will consider:
Self-help books
How-to books
Tips booklets
Problem-solving books
Personal experience books (maybe)

We prefer not to publish:

Story books
Science Fiction
Coffee table books
Books that are already selling online or in chain stores

What do we expect from authors?
1. Know how to write well. If you don't write well, you should first take a writing class before submitting anything to Andrea.

2. Give Andrea a statement describing your book's purpose and message. Tell Andrea what you want the reader to do or learn from you.

3. Send Andrea a book that is a book, and not a 200 page article or booklet. Know the difference.

4. Send Andrea a PDF of your book, not printed pages, or a Word document.

5. Tell Andrea why you are the best person to write this book.

6. Tell Andrea what you have published before this, and been paid for.

7. Learn all you can about book publishing. The more you know the more we will like you.

8. Be our working "partner" in this project. Leave your ego at the door.

9. Be realistic about your expectations. Not everyone will have a bestseller.

10. Send Andrea books that are not already selling online or in chain stores.

11. Tell Andrea what you will do to help make your book successful.

12. Be a good communicator and speaker who can express her/himself well in interviews and in front of audiences.

13. Learn all you can about book marketing.

14. Show Andrea your written marketing plan for this book.

15. Be willing to travel to promote your book.

16. Tell Andrea where you would like to see your book sold.

17. Tell Andrea who you are writing for and 10 ways to reach them.

18. Show Andrea how you're already connecting with your audience.

19. Tell Andrea if you would like Andrea to represent you as your
speaker advocate.

20. Tell Andrea if you are willing to teach classes online through our
CrashCoursesOnline web site.

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